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Mercedes SLK200 | My First Convertible

A walk around my Mercedes SLK200.

Camera: iPhone 11 Pro MAx
jonscoupe : Great review. Love these cars, that's why I bought one . I've got the SLK 350, which is rediculously fast, but the 200 you have is ample performance and still great fun. Enjoy.
Thiago Triani : Congrats bro, this is one of my favorite cars ever.
Adriana Cerlat : great car, loved that ultra-wide shots and the aggressive Mercedes symbol
Paul Ward : Nice review sir! Good notes on all the important points. I bought a 2009 model in July 2018, & have loved very moment of driving it since!! SLK R171 Rules!!!
Latin Label : Congrats my man. I own the SLK 55 AMG. You will love it!

Why Would You Buy A Mercedes Benz SLK R171?

The first thing I asked him is regarding his top.
#dropthetop #SLK #mercedes
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norman kamarudin : nice review. I am now having a R172 (ex r171) and can feel the difference of the power, with higher torque and power with less rpm. I remembered the need to rev the R171 to almost 4000 rpm before sufficient torque to get to 100 km/h in abt 10 secs..
yet to test the R172 on the highway (due to MCO).. anyway, managed to zip on the SILK highway within Kajang and Putrajaya and already felt the difference.
with regards to the top, yes i had some small problem with it and therefore seldom put it down on my previous 171. However, i noticed there is a difference in the R172 which i think will allow me more topless drives in the future!
steven north : I have that very same model. I take it to independent garage, service & MOT, £250. U.K. Love the hard top/convertible, much safer. I originally wanted a Mazda MX5, but this has more room inside & a bigger boot.
Frank Muller & 0.02 : My fav SLK! Almost bought it! May still consider just to drop the top! :)
Baldwin Chua : Woohoo! SLK represent!
Potato Tech : I agree! Early morning drive with #dropthetop is sensation of a lifetime you cant really get everywhere.

[오토뷰] 메르세데스-벤츠 SLK200 시승기

1.8리터 터보 엔진을 탑재한 2인승 로드스터 메르세데스-벤츠 SLK 200 리뷰.
계측기를 통한 가속, 제동력, 무게 배분, 정숙성 등을 확인해보세요!
synte62 : 200은 정말 오픈에어링 즐기면서 유유자적 타는차입니다.. 속도감을 기대하면..음;
드래곤 레오스 퍼슈트 dragon LEOS fursuit : 그냥 하드탑을 적당히 즐기고 싶다면... 나쁘지 않은 선택일지도.
잇코-eat nose : 1열이 뒤로 어느정도 땡겨지나요?
믈이네 : 200. 잘 안나가는거 좀 걱정되는데, Audi TT와 선택의 갈등이 와요.. 많이 딸릴까요?? 답답할거라는 말이 많아서요
천사 : 사고싶은데 못사겠음 시선이 돈없어서 허세부리고싶은차같음




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